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BSH - Graduate Management Trainee Program

Industry Consumer Goods
Functional area
  • Finance & Accounting
  • General Management
  • HR / Organization
  • IT
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Operations
  • Research & Development
  • Supply Chain Management
Duration 15 months
Region Europe
Language requirements English (Fluent)
Mentorship program No
Preferred study background No preference - all degree disciplines
Recruitment process
  • Online application
  • Telephone interview
  • Face-to-face interview
  • Assessment center
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Required skills

Leadership 7
Team working 7
Problem solving 7
Communication 6
Creativity 6
Commercial Awareness 6
Pressure Resistance 7
Flexibility 7
Networking 7


"Challenge“ is the banner under which BSH conducts its trainee programs. These systematically prepare graduates for management duties in Germany or elsewhere. The programs impart specialist and system knowledge and illustrate how the networks made up of factories, head office functions, sales and other units within BSH function. Here, the trainees participate in demanding projects, some of them international in nature, and are integrated into day-to-day business.
Starting out on professional life via a trainee program at BSH has particular attractions, because we seek to link your career goals with our operational possibilities. Our Challenge programs (duration 15 months) provide for active participation in the company’s activities after a brief, basic introduction and a period of orientation.

We place great emphasis on
  • social integration
  • specialist qualification
  • up-to-date and specific training measures

Business Administration trainee program
(focusing on Accounting/ Controlling)

You feel passionate about dealing with figures

Learn about the organization, tasks and spheres of responsibility of Corporate Controlling, Corporate Accounting including accounting procedures, Corporate Finance as well as commercial tasks in Sales and Marketing, the product divisions and customer service.

Description of the program
Learn about the factory, with an introduction to technical and commercial functional areas in particular.
Gain first-hand experience with a subsidiary outside Germany (Sales or factory)

Purchasing trainee program

You want to be involved in purchasing as part of a global company
Corporate Purchasing has functional responsibility for the entire BSH Group. It is responsible for optimizing the company's procurement activities in relation to economic benefit.

Description of the program

Learn about the processes involved in Corporate Purchasing by collaborating in projects – both in terms of value and strategically.
Gain first-hand experience of ‘onsite’ purchasing business at a factory.

6 months Corporate Purchasing
6 months factory

Placement outside Germany 3 months

Financial trainee program
You are fascinated by finance
Corporate Finance is responsible for all the Group's financial matters in Germany, Europe and for the interests of its subsidiaries around the world. Its remit is to design, coordinate and process all financial activities globally. The objectives of Corporate Finance include safeguarding liquidity and ensuring optimum risk management within BSH.

Description of the program
Get to know the Financial Accounting departments in Munich, to some extent also controlling. Project work including delegations to foreign subsidiaries.

Duration 12 months Corporate Finance

Placement outside Germany approx. 3 months

Human Resources trainee program
You are excited by dealing with people
We aim to become the benchmark for our sector. An essential part of this involves first-class employees as the basis of our success. You must be excited by the prospect of recruiting staff worldwide and promoting their further development within the company.

Description of the program
Learn about the processes that underlie HR and management development, HR marketing, vocational and further training, HR planning and recruitment, induction and integration, contractual arrangements, social policy.

6 months Corporate Personnel
6 months plant

Placement outside Germany 3 months

Organization trainee program
You have a talent for organization
You will come to understand the organization in all its many facets and go on to develop these jointly with the departments at international corporate level. The results of your work will be published on the intranet in the form of organizational plans, unit descriptions, information on HR and organizational changes and guidelines. Professional change and project management will support you in your work.

Description of the program
To supplement the information that trainees will have received, they complete a placement based at a decentralized organizational department in a plant; you should ideally also get a taste of project work in a foreign subsidiary.

9 months Corporate Organizational Development
3 months plant

Placement outside Germany 3 months

Information technology trainee program

Developing global IT solutions stretches your abilities to the full
IT is an internal service provider for departments. To meet their requirements, the focus is on technology and process management.

Description of the program
Learn about BSH’s IT portfolio in three stages: orientation, development and consolidation or transfer phase including project placements - also outside Germany.

Duration 13 months IT Munich

Placement outside Germany approx. 2 months (projects)

Marketing trainee program
You are fascinated by how markets work
Content focuses on brand strategy and management, devising and implementing marketing concepts, advertising, sales promotion and trade marketing as well as product marketing and market research.

6 months Corporate Marketing
3 months Product Marketing
3 months advertising and marketing communications

Placement outside Germany 3 months

Challenge Programm Sales (CS)
Selling is your passion
Competition is healthy for business, so they say. Selling is an extremely difficult task in the domestic appliance market and needs to be learnt accordingly. We will provide you with sound knowledge of the entire product range; you will learn about Corporate Sales Management and Key Account Management and, in particular, we will introduce you to sales activities in the field. Being a successful sales representative will open up excellent opportunities for you to develop in the areas of key account and product management as well as in corporate sales.

3 months corporate sales
3 months product divisions
6 months sales activities in the field

Placement outside Germany 3 months

Technology trainee program
Products excite you
You will discover the whole world of manufacturing domestic appliances and learn about the technical units at BSH headquarters – environmental protection, quality management, networking system – as you acquire an overview of the entire structure of the product range, cross-plant tasks, concepts and programs.

Description of the program
In the plants you will be introduced to all key technical areas – production, technical services, development and structural design – and will take part in projects.

3 months Corporate Technology
9 months in plants

Placement outside Germany
3 months


  • a high degree of self-motivation
  • courage
  • mobility
  • international orientation
  • willingness to assume responsibility at an early stage
  • a university degree/technical college qualification (also including doctorate, MBA)