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ABB - Global Trainee Program - Information Systems

Available spots 5
  • Energy
  • Industrials
Functional area IT
Starting date
  • Apr 01, 2008
  • Oct 01, 2008
Duration 18 months
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • North America
  • Home Country
  • Zurich/Switzerland
  • Global Assignment
Language requirements
  • English (Fluent)
  • Additional language is a plus (Working knowledge)
Mentorship program Yes
Preferred study background Computer science / IT
Recruitment process
  • Telephone interview
  • Assessment center
Contact person Home country contact
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Required skills

Leadership 7
Team working 7
Problem solving 7
Communication 7
Creativity 7
Commercial Awareness 7
Pressure Resistance 7
Flexibility 7
Networking 4


The Global Trainee Program for Information Systems is sponsored by the CIO and comprises 3 assignments in 3 different countries.

Trainees will learn functional aspects of applied information systems as well as general business management skills and have the possibility to actively contribute to the planning of their own personal program to best suit their individual interests and development requirements.
In addition to on-the-job learning the program is accompanied by further training in the areas of personal development, intercultural awareness, technology and ABB specific culture & business requirements.

Learning Scope for GTP Information Systems
The learning scope of the program is largely driven by the interests and personal preferences of the trainee. The main focus of all our trainee programs is on on-the-job experience, customized to suit each trainees' individual development needs. As a minimum you should be able to gain insight into the following areas:

IS Service Delivery

Infrastructure Operation
Application Operation
Risk Management
Technology Planning

IS Architecture

Corporate Roadmap
Integrating Systems
Standard Setting

IS Sourcing

Vendor Management
Contract Negotiations
License Management

Personal development
Corporate missions and values, international and virtual teamwork, leadership and management skills, presentation, communication and motivational skills, innovation and creativity, social competency.

Benefits of the Global Programs: As a global trainee, you will experience many benefits. You will... be part of a global talent pool

  • Be coached by an experienced mentor
  • Gain practical experience in different functions
  • Network and develop cross-functional working relationships
  • Get international experience and the opportunity to work abroad
  • Have access to a global ABB job market

Mentoring Concept
Mentoring plays an integral role in the success of our Global Trainee Programs. A mentor can let you benefit from his/her experience, help you see things from a differect point of view, support you in the planning phase of your program and assist in providing valuable contacts for your future career path. Each trainee will be assigned a mentor from the very beginning of the program. This person will act as a coach and guide you through your early professional life. Your mentor will be able to give you valuable insight into the world of ABB and assist you in your decision process when chosing particular assignments. All of our employees acting as mentors will be experienced professionals in your chosen field of work and will have committed themselves to investing ample time into your relationship. In addition to your mentor you will receive a personal tutor, who will be supervising you during each individual assignment.

Examples of placements

Program Structure for GTP Information Systems

The GTP for Information Systems lasts between 18-24 months and comprises three different assignments:

1. Assignment: Home Country (6 months)
You will start your first assignment in your country of origin or current residence, where you will gain experience in one or several areas outlined under Learning Scope, such as Infrastructure Operations, Security or Technology Planning.

2. Assignment: Regional Headquarters or ABB Headquarters Zurich (6 months)
The second assignment will take you to one of ABB’s holding offices in the region or the global headquarters office in Zurich, Switzerland. You will be able to choose your assignment from a variety of options such as supporting IS Architecture or IS Sourcing. This second assignment will give you additional insight into the area of Strategic IS.

3. Assignment: Global Exposure (6-12 months)
Your third and final assignment of the program will be an international assignment. You are expected to be actively involved in the organization of this assignment with a good choice in particular responsibilities and/or destinations. The final assignment may last up to 12 months and will be a more challenging project assignment.

You will receive a Mentor for the entire duration of the program as well as a Tutor/Supervisor for each individual assignment. In addition to on-the-job learning you will have the opportunity to attend a series of personal devleopment training events, factory excursions, social and cross-functional activities.


Specifically, we are looking for individuals who can demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Recent university graduates with above-average degrees in Computing, IT/Information Systems or related majors (MSc level or equivalent)
  • Excellent language skills (fluency in English required, additional languages a plus) Mature, professional personality with realistic goals
  • Flexible team player
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Persistent, driving, ambitious, curious, open-minded