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Aareal Bank - Trainee Programme

Industry Financial Services
Functional area
  • Finance & Accounting
  • IT
  • Legal
  • Marketing & Sales
Duration 1 year
Region Europe
Language requirements English (Fluent)
Mentorship program No
Preferred study background
  • Business Studies
  • Computer science / IT
  • Economics
Recruitment process
  • Online application
  • Telephone interview
  • Face-to-face interview
  • Assessment center
Contact person Caroline El Mars
+49 611 348 2880
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Required skills

Leadership 7
Team working 7
Problem solving 7
Communication 6
Creativity 6
Commercial Awareness 6
Pressure Resistance 7
Flexibility 7
Networking 7


You are prepared to assume responsibility and to outgrow yourself within twelve months? With our trainee programme, we would like to prepare you in the best possible way for the challenges waiting for you on the national and international level.
You will gain practical experience in our country-specific departments and subsidiaries and will participate at lectures held by well-known professors from EBS and Cambridge University exclusively for the members of Aareal Academy.
Within a given frame, you yourself will control your learning process and you will decide on your own responsibility which lectures you will attend and which seminars you will participate in. On one condition: When it matters, you have to be familiar with the communicated contents of our core business.
From the start, you will get clear perspectives so that you know how your career will develop during this year. Thus you can systematically boost your professional and linguistic qualities and prepare yourself for the challenges to come in the best possible way.

Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow
If you wish to carry this thought over to your career, then you have come to the
right place. We put this principle into practice every day; in doing so, we have established ourselves one of the major international property specialists.
With the Trainee Program of the Aareal Academy, we offer you excellent prospects from the very first day onwards. Your twelve-month course, which will take you through interesting and relevant areas of work, will not follow any rigid rules or stipulations. On the contrary, it will develop with you just as you will also develop as an individual. After all, we already see your interests and skills as being the optimal prerequisites for long-term success.

We'll do our best for your success

What we expect from you, you can naturally expect from us too, namely aboveaverage performance, initiative, a strong personality and the willingness to constantly develop. Moreover, we have all of the know-how and the skills of a global player to offer you.
Taking your qualifications as our starting point, we will jointly develop a plan concerning which direction you wish to head in and in which fields you will be able to most benefit from us. After all, we have more than enough opportunities available, both in our core business, Structured Finance, and through our intensive collaboration with the institutional housing industry.
What all these areas have in common is that they complement each other to
form the perfect combination of future-oriented lines of business and they open up a wide spectrum for you. This is surely the best way for you to achieve success.

National, international, optimal
Those who want to prove their mettle in our field, not only today but also in the
future, must be able to hold their own, particularly in an international setting. With the corresponding background – personally and linguistically – you therefore have the best opportunities with us. Currently, we guide and support property financing deals in 25 countries. The focal points lie on Western Europe and North America. Eastern Europe and Asia are strong growth markets as well.
Our international activities naturally also have an impact on your trainee program, e.g., through your work in one of our country sections. Moreover, you will be able to gather some practical experience in our branch offices and attend the lectures which well-known ebs and Cambridge University professors hold exclusively for the members of the Aareal Academy. After all, we would like to give you the optimal preparation for what you are going to be dealing with nationally and internationally.

You decide what you do - on every level
Naturally, you can not simply do as you please here, but we want to leave you as much scope for development as possible. After you, you know yourself best and if you are so good that we want to have you on our team, that means that you have already adequately demonstrated you are capable of making the right decisions by yourself.
This is why you, as an Aareal Academy attendee, will also steer your learning
process yourself and make decisions on your own responsibility with regard to
which events and seminars you wish to attend. The only condition is: When it
matters, you have to be familiar with the content imparted to you concerning our core business.
This is precisely what we expect of you if you wish to achieve the next level.

After twelve months, you will reap the benefits
A year passes by more quickly than you might think. And this is all the more true, if you are spending the year in an interesting environment.
So that you know how your career is going to develop after this year, we will give you clear prospects from the beginning. You can selectively reinforce your knowhow and linguistic skills and optimally prepare for the coming challenges.
Our experience shows that the graduates of Aareal Academy not only like to continue with us but with precisely the success that we believed you could do from the beginning on.
Therefore, if you are ready and willing to assume responsibility, to rise above your current capabilities, and to fully realize your potential in twelve months, then all doors are open to you at Aareal Bank.