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InBev - Company profile

Industry Consumer Goods
Company type Public
Year founded 2004
Revenues in 2006 EUR 13,3 billion
Global headquarters Leuven / Belgium
European headquarters Leuven / Belgium
# Countries active 130
# Employees worldwide 86,000
Most common preferred study background No preference - all degree disciplines
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Required skills

Leadership 7
Team working 7
Problem solving 7
Communication 7
Creativity 7
Commercial Awareness 7
Pressure Resistance 7
Flexibility 7
Networking 4


In a few words
InBev is the world's leading brewer, realizing 13.3 billion euro in 2006. The company has a strong, balanced portfolio, holding the number one or number two position in over 20 key markets – more than any other brewer. It has a key presence in both developed and developing markets, active in 7 out of the 10 of the fastest growing markets worldwide. Headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, InBev employs almost 88 000 people worldwide. With sales in over 130 countries, the company works through six operational zones: North America, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America North, and Latin America South. With operations and licence agreements around the globe, InBev is a truly global brewer.

Stella Artois and Beck’s connect with consumers across the Globe; InBev also has a premium brand portfolio across continents through brands such as Leffe, Brahma, Staropramen and Hoegaarden. A portfolio of around 200 local brands forms the bedrock of the business including in Latin America: Skol, the third largest beer brand in the world. In Western Europe: Jupiler, the number 1 selling beer in Belgium. In Central and Eastern Europe: Siberian Crown, a leading premium brand sold throughout Russia. In North America: Labatt Blue, the number one Canadian brand in the world; and in Asia Pacific: Cass from South Korea, and Sedrin, a 10 million hectoliter brand in China.

In a few facts

  • World's leading brewer.
  • Sales volumes of 246.5 million hectoliters in 2006.
  • Number one or two position in over 20 key markets-more than any other brewer.6 operational zones: North America, Latin America North, Latin America South, Western Europe, Central & Eastern Europe, and Asia Pacific.
  • Stella Artois and Beck’s connect with consumers across the Globe.
    Leffe, Brahma, Staropramen and Hoegaarden also represent InBev’s premium brands across continents.
  • Over 200 local brands worldwide continue to form the bedrock of the business.
  • We directly employ 88 000 people worldwide.We are committed to responsible beer consumption with programs operating around the globe.
  • Strong environmental management means that 97% of the company’s total waste and byproducts are recycled.
  • Our Global management trainee program is attracting top talent for future leadership.

What we offer

Why should I consider working for InBev?
We invest heavily in your future both monetarily and in mentoring, with our most senior leaders getting involved from the start while recruiting and also throughout the training program as mentors. This commitment presents you with the greatest opportunity possible to develop to your full potential. As a company that is only a few years old, yet with a rich heritage, now is the time to join InBev and help build the foundation to create the best beer company in the world. You will be given big challenges that will allow you to grow at a pace according to your talent, effort and results. We will give you exposure to all functions of our business and at as many levels as possible, including senior management. This gives you an unprecedented insight into the workings of a huge multinational, as well as a unique perspective on the business, which will mark you apart from other candidates in any future role you apply for, within or external to InBev.

  • You will be able to learn the management strategies and live the processes that have helped make InBev the world’s leading brewer.
  • You will gain an understanding of how to create enduring bonds with consumers and employees. InBev’s rich history is testament to our expertise in this area.
  • You will work with a talented and passionate group of people who you can learn from and drive great results with.
  • InBev is a dynamic and diverse global organisation which means global, cross-functional opportunities, should you wish to pursue them.
  • Our vast portfolio of more than two hundred brands holds leading positions in many of our markets. In addition, having some of the world’s greatest brands in our portfolio means you will never be far from an industry expert, whatever department you are in.
  • InBev’s beer brands are simply some of the best in the world. Think of other consumer goods, and ask yourself which ones you could be most enthusiastic about…

Who we look for

Graduates from 2008 and graduates with up to two years experience are invited to apply to InBev's Management Trainee Program. Does this sound like you?

As a management trainee, you will be expected to lead and have an opinion from the day you join the team. You will need to be results oriented and demonstrate passion in the work you do, as well as be able to inspire those around you. You will be given challenges every day, so a disciplined approach for delivering great results is required. Meritocracy and informality at InBev creates an environment where you can ask questions to those around you with ease - so you should be curious and eager to learn from as many people as possible throughout the organization. An ability to comfortably communicate and work in English is also a necessity. If you are looking for a real professional challenge and enjoy working hard for your success, there is no limit to how far you can go with InBev.