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Deutsche Bank - Company profile

Industry Financial Services
Company type Public
Year founded 1870
Revenues in 2006 EUR 55.217 billion
Global headquarters Frankfurt am Main / Germany
European headquarters Frankfurt am Main / Germany
# Countries active 76
# Employees worldwide 75,140
Most common preferred study background
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Engineering
Contact person +44 207 545 3033
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Required skills

Leadership 7
Team working 7
Problem solving 7
Communication 7
Creativity 7
Commercial Awareness 7
Pressure Resistance 7
Flexibility 7
Networking 4


At Deutsche Bank, 'A Passion to Perform' is more than just a claim - it's the way we do business, attracting the brightest talent to deliver an unmatched franchise. We are committed to being the best financial services provider in the world. Our breadth of experience, leading-edge capabilities and financial strength create value for all our stakeholders; clients, investors, employees, and ultimately society as a whole. We have ambitious plans for the future. That's why we're continuing to strengthen the platform in Europe, intensifying our presence in the Americas and Asia Pacific and taking an active and increasing participation in the emerging markets such as China, Russia, India, and Latin America. Making this is a very exciting time to join Deutsche Bank.

Our prime objective is to hire the most intelligent, talented, highly qualified and motivated people from around the globe. We will invest in their development and their future because it is inextricably linked with our own: It is absolutely key to our success. Over 140 nations are represented in Deutsche Bank's staff, based in 76 countries. We embrace this talent and diversity; and will continue to build a unique team, with the richness and depth our clients expect. I invite you to join us. Deutsche Bank continually aspires to being the best. The fact that Deutsche Bank is consistently judged to be a market leader is proof that aspiration and commitment lead to excellence and achievement. We have won many awards and much recognition for different activities from risk management to trading to supporting charitable causes.

Bank of the Year 2005 (IFR)We believe that teamwork and trust are the key to our success. These values have helped us achieve certification for our Sustainability Management System and it is this commitment to business practices that we hope will ensure a healthy environment and stable economic and social conditions for future generations. We have also won awards for our diversity initiatives such as the Opportunity Now Gold Standard for Gender Equality in 2004. First-rate performance is not only one of Deutsche Bank's central values; this company-wide attitude has also reaped rewards for business practice and innovation. We were awarded the title "Bank of the Year" by International Financing Review twice within a three year period. In 2006, we won all the major deals of the year awards from IDD and in 2007 we swept the boards at the Lipper, Euromoney and ISR Awards. In addition, Deutsche Bank topped Financial News' league table of investment banking revenues for the first half of 2007, and was the global winner of The Banker's deals of the year awards. These are just a few of the many honours we have been bestowed by some of the world's most respected publications, which continue to acclaim many of our businesses across the globe year on year.


At Deutsche Bank we adhere to some core principles that guide us in the way we structure ourselves, work with each other, make decisions and do business. It means we collectively aim to achieve similar goals, albeit in many different ways.  Our core values are:

  • Trust: We behave reliably and responsibly
  • Teamwork: We benefit from the diversity in our people and business by working together to achieve success
  • Innovation: We are constantly challenging conventional wisdom and developing new solutions to meet customer requirements
  • Performance: We are committed to a result oriented culture
  • Customer Focus: We place customers at the center of our activities and they drive all that we do

By staying true to these values we ensure that we provide the best possible environment for our people, businesses and customers to thrive.

Recruiting Divisions

Deutsche Bank is run by a Management Board which is responsible for the strategy behind making the bank one of the fastest growing, most successful organizations in the world. The next level of Deutsche Bank's management is defined by individual divisions and regions. This means each element of the international organization is directly affiliated with the Board. We have five core revenue generating businesses:

  • Global Markets: Creates investment products and is made up of sales, trading and research for all instrument types and strategies, as well as offering program trading and prime brokerage.
  • Global Banking: Provides financing solutions and advisory to a wide range of clients, including institutional and corporate companies, around the globe.
  • Private & Business Clients: Serves private and small business clients in Europe and Asia and provides them with comprehensive and integrated financial solutions.
  • Private Wealth Management: Caters for the complex needs of high net worth clients, their families and selected institutions.
  • Asset Management: Manages institutional clients and private investors' investments in equities, bonds and real estate.

These core businesses are supported by our infrastructure divisions whose responsibilities range from the management of key functions (Audit, Group Technology & Operations, Controlling, Risk & Capital Management, Tax, Legal and Compliance), to getting the most out of important resources (Human Resources), and communication with staff members, the media and shareholders (Corporate Communications and Group Capital Market Communications). Our Corporate Development and Corporate Social Responsibility divisions are also located within the Corporate Center.

What we offer

At Deutsche Bank, we take your professional development very seriously. We firmly believe that our success lies in our people and in order for our business to thrive they need to be ready to deliver their best. We pride ourselves on offering our employees some of the best possible career development opportunities around. With over 3,000 training courses worldwide you can be assured of the support you need to progress and develop in your role. In 2006 alone, the total number of training days for employees amounted to 180,000 - equivalent to almost three days per employee.

Our training catalog encompasses a global core curriculum which is supplemented by regional as well as business specific curricula. This approach allows us to ensure consistency and uniformity in areas where standardization is prudent and possible, while, at the same time, taking into account the local environment and the cultural diversity of the Bank. Our training catalog is produced by the Bank together with external specialists, institutes and universities worldwide. It is divided into seven different categories. We offer a variety of teaching methods including traditional seminars, e-learning, self-study courses and coaching:

Business & Finance: Banking and financial products, applications and processes
Personal & Team Effectiveness: Promotion of personal development, communication skills, team work and communication techniques
Leadership & Management: Imparting management skills to increase both personal and team performance
  • Professional Qualification: For the acquisition of recognized certificates, academic qualifications or qualifications in the banking sector
  • Information Technology: Promotion of IT skills, from end-user applications to professional IT training
  • Culture & Orientation: Introductory programs for new employees, strengthening corporate culture and promoting networks
  • Regulatory & Compliance: Compliance topics and legal regulations imposing official requirements
Talent and employee development programs
Our employee development and talent programs prepare our people for new challenges at Deutsche Bank, ensuring they have all the support they need to succeed. One of the aims of the programs is to ensure smooth succession planning. The programs differ greatly in terms of structure and implementation depending on the requirements of the relevant business division or management level of the target audience. Core components include opening and closing events, lectures and seminars, group discussions - with senior management - as well as strategic project work within the business divisions. Each year, roughly 6-10% of our employees participate in such programs.

Why is all of this important? Because talented, driven and committed individuals are imperative to Deutsche Bank succeeding in its aim to be the "financial service provider of choice". Your potential is our future.

Who we look for

While skills requirements vary depending upon the position that you are seeking, some general qualifications include; a strong and consistent academic background, solid quantitative skills as well as evidence of personal motivation and ambition. Other skills integral to being successful at Deutsche Bank include a sense of entrepreneurialism, the ability to work in a team and a desire to learn. Finally, a proven interest in the financial sector either via work experience in the sector or study is highly regarded. Please see the program you are interested in applying to for the specific requirements of that position.

While highly desirable, languages are not essential for all positions. For front office positions in London and Frankfurt however, English is essential and a second or third European language is a distinct asset. It is essential to have an excellent command of the language of the region you are applying to. Please refer to the program you are interested in applying to learn more about the specific requirements for that region and division.