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British Telecom - Company profile

  • Business Services
  • ICT
Company type Public
Year founded 1981
Revenues in 2006 GBP 19.5 billion
Global headquarters London / England
European headquarters London / England
# Countries active 170
# Employees worldwide 104
Most common preferred study background No preference - all degree disciplines
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Required skills

Leadership 7
Team working 7
Problem solving 7
Communication 7
Creativity 7
Commercial Awareness 7
Pressure Resistance 6
Flexibility 6
Networking 6


BT Group

These days, we’re one of the world’s leading communications companies, active in 170 countries around the world. We’re known internationally as a major technology player - pioneering the digital advances that are shaping and driving the information age. Virtual markets, e-commerce, broadband and mobility - the ways people communicate are changing. We’re busy steering the changes. At the same time, we’re transforming ourselves - putting the customer at the heart of everything we do. The result: a very new and different BT - sharp-witted, fast on its feet, pioneering new technical and commercial relationships with big businesses and domestic consumers alike. As a result, we’re also creating a huge range of new opportunities - in our laboratories and call-centres, in our offices and out in the field - for people who think like we do. Britain’s telecoms heritage - all 160 years of it - is something of which we’re rightly proud. But there’s also a great big future out there.  If you want as big a part in it as we do, get in touch.

What we do
BT is one of the world's leading providers of communications solutions and services, operating in 170 countries. Our principle activities include networked IT services, local, national and international telecommunications services, and higher-value broadband and internet products and services. In the UK, we serve around 20 million businesses and residential customers, as well as providing network services to other operators. We are much more than a lines and calls business. Our aim is to make life easier, simpler, cheaper and more fulfilling for all our customers. We are focused on providing our business customers with productivity improvements and a competitive edge, and individual consumers with the ability to communicate anywhere and at any time, using whatever device they

Our organisation
In 2000, the company was devolved into distinct business areas, and the current structure of BT began to take shape.  Today, the holding company BT Group plc presides over four separately managed businesses; BT Retail, BT Wholesale, BT Global Services, and Openreach. Each is supported by BT’s R&D and IT specialists in BT Design and BT Operate. Under the overall banner of the BT Group, each of these businesses operates within a single core market, and has the freedom to meet emerging opportunities with maximum speed and agility. Their activities break down as follows:

  • BT Retail provides telephones, mobiles, internet access and web-based services to residential and business customers. BT Retail has around 18,000 employees and 20 million customers.
  • BT Wholesale manages the country’s core communications network, and provides network services and solutions to more than 600 UK communications providers, mobile operators and Internet service providers.
  • Technology in BT is divided into two distinct and independent units. BT Design is responsible for designing and developing new services, while BT Operate oversees how those services are deployed and operated over the network.
  • BT Global Services helps large organisations thrive in today’s rapidly converging digital networked economy - a world in which information and transactions can flow from anything or anyone, to anything or anyone, at any time.
  • Openreach ensures that all service providers have transparent and equal access to the nationwide local BT network - the "first mile" of wire that connects homes and businesses to BT exchanges across the UK.

So you’ve probably got the message by now – we’re looking for the next generation of leaders. Could that be you?

What we offer

Why join BT?

People join us for many different reasons - it all depends on what they're looking for. For some, it's because they want a chance to shape the future, and drive forward a new era of change. For others, it's because of the way that we look after our people, and encourage them to get the best out of themselves. Or maybe, because they want a foundation of technical training and experience that will open doors throughout the industry. Or simply because they like helping people get the very best out of today's communications technology. Whatever your reasons, we'd like to add to them. Read on, and discover how.

Our future
BT has a long history as a great company, setting the agenda for the industry. As the first major telecomms giant to be privatised, we learned fast about how to deal with competition. The future set before us is a challenging one.  New companies and technologies are emerging all the time.  Mass broadband access, developments in mobility and convergence and networked IT services are revolutionising the way people communicate. Absolutely everything is changing. There are exciting times ahead. We're looking forward to them.

More than just an employer
We take our responsibilities as a corporate citizen seriously.  How we manage our social, ethical and environmental issues rightly reflects on how people see us - both as an organisation, and as an employer. In this regard, we're building a strong reputation. For the sixth year running, we've been rated as the top telecommunications company in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes - which rank companies for their success in social, ethical and environmental management.

We also hold the Queen's Award for Enterprise in recognition of our contribution to sustainable development, and we are ranked equal 4th in Business in the Community's 2005 Corporate Responsibility Index. We've also launched a new Community Investment Strategy, aimed at helping to build economically sustainable, educated and socially inclusive communities. We aim to be at the heart of the communications and information rich society - in which everyone, irrespective of nationality, culture, ethnicity, class, creed or education, has access to the benefits of improved communications. Every way we can, we're committed to making a positive difference to society. We're doing our best - and we're always looking to do more.

Who we look for


You’ll need to have:

  • Graduated, or be on course to graduate, with at least a 2:1 degree
    280 UCAS points*
  • A grade B in GCSE Maths if you are applying for our Finance programme*
  • Appropriate immigration permission to work in the UK or Ireland without any restrictions.
  • Language skills or relevant work experience are good to have, but not essential.

Personal qualities
Qualifications aren't everything, either. We’re looking for people with the following attributes:

  • Integrity – customers are at the very heart of everything we do. They rely on us, so it’s essential we keep our promises to them, as well as to each other. To do that, you’ll need the highest standards of personal integrity.
  • Leadership – true leaders inspire, support and make important, well-reasoned decisions. To do this, you’ll need inner strength, confidence, and the ability to judge situations well and to act accordingly.
  • Teamworking – teamwork is a vital part of everyday life at BT, so you’ll need to be able to interact and work really well with others as a unit – whatever your role.
  • Communication – you could be dealing with customers, partners, suppliers or colleagues. To do this well, you’ll need to be great at communicating, and able to get complex and technical information across to people in a way they can understand.
  • Co-ordination – the projects you’ll be working on will be pretty complicated, and good co-ordination is key to their success. You’ll need to be able to learn on the job, and multi-task to make sure everything stays on track.
  • Creativity – we'll be looking to you to provide some of the inspiration and ideas to help us satisfy the current and future needs of our customers.
  • Enthusiasm – we're looking for people who relish a challenge, and who are keen to get stuck in and make a difference.
    Think you’ve got what it takes? Then we'd really like to hear from you.

* We accept equivalent qualifications (including international ones) for all minimum entry requirements.
* Applications will be accepted if, because of a disability, an applicant did not get 280 UCAS points.